Svinedrengen – H. C. Andersen Festival

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I great summer with memorable festivals and camps is getting to an end but there is one more gig to go before Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band pulls out. Denmark’s great writer Hans Christian Andersen lend his name to the Odense based arts festival this weekend which among many things offers a new interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s popular fairytale Svinedrengen (the Swineherd). The show includes spectacular artists from a rope walker to a clown along side mechanical robots. Blum & Haugaard has composed music for the show and perform it with their own band including Sune Rahbek, Mikkel Grue and Mathæus Bech (double bass) who substitutes for Kirstine Elise Pedersen. Svinedrengen plays Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 22.00 at Farvergården in Odense

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