Haugaard Preparing New Album

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Harald Haugaard Medley

Tunes are being composed, recorded and mixed. Photos and videos are being shot and edited.
Tours for 2015 are being booked.

Harald Haugaard is preparing his coming album which is set to be released on February 2nd
2015. This album will be the third and last of the trilogy with Burning Fields and Den Femte
Søster as the precursors for this new album. For the first time ever it will be an album
consisting of Haugaard’s compositions only and as it sounds like now the music has developed a lot since the two first albums and the general tone sounds more mellow and deep. The Blum & Haugaard Band is the core of the recordings but guests such as Swedish guitarist Roger
Tallroth, American fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld, Finnish bass player Tapani Varis, Danish pianist
Christoffer Møller and the legendary German ensemble Fraunhofer Saitenmusik have also
contributed to the music so far. Most of the work on the album is going on in Medley Studio
Copenhagen which for has been considered as one of Scandinavia’s finest recording studios.



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