Haugaard Opens 9th Int Fiddle School

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Times are up for the 9th Harald Haugaard’s International Fiddle School which is held in Breklum, Nordfreisland July 30th – August 5th. 130 fiddlers from 15 countries join each other and 11 star fiddlers and singers in music, singing and dancing. Hanneke Cassel, Kevin Henderson, Antti Järvelä, Karen Mose, Helene Blum, Lykke Søndergaard, Johnnie Frederiksen, Julia Lacherstorfer, Pete Cooper, Rudolf Pietsch and Leo Svensson form this year’s line up of teachers. The Fiddle School offers two public event: the teachers’ concert Wednesday 2nd in Bredstedt Church and the finale concert Friday 4th in Niebüll Church.

More info: www.haugaardsfiddleschool.com



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